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Cade Oil
100% Natural and Pure Cade Oil

Cade Oil

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Cade Oil

Botanical Name:

Juniperus Oxycedrus

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Botanical NameJuniperus Oxycedrus
Method of ExtractionDestructive distillation method is used to extract this oil.
Part Of Plant Used

Woods of the shrub are used for the extraction of this oil.

OriginIndia, Germany and France are known for the origin of this oil.

This oil can be used to cure skin inflammation, eczema, psoriasis etc. Even bronchitis can be treated using this oil

Strength & Aromatic scent

Its aroma is highly smoky and dry aroma.


Cade oil is of dark brown to orange brown in color. This oil is insoluble in water.

Blends Well With

It mixes very well with rosemary, thyme, origanum and clove oils.


Initially, few countries started using this oil but with the passage of time, this oil became famous and people all over the world utilized it for various purposes.


Cade oil can sometimes cause skin irritation. Women who are in the pregnancy phase and small children should avoid using this oil. Proper medical advice should be taken before using it for any serious health problem.

  • Product Description

Cade oil is extracted from the wood of the shrub through the process of destructive distillation. The chemical composition of this oil includes δ-cadinene, sesquiterpene and p-cresol. This oil has got number of medicinal and therapeutic properties such as anti pruritic, analgesic, antiseptic, anti microbial and many others. It also helps in curing many health problems like it helps in lowering down the blood pressure, bronchitis, diabetes etc.

  • Uses

Blood Pressure: - Cade oil is considered to be very effective in lowering down the blood pressure levels. People who are suffering from the consequences of high blood pressure can make use of this oil and get instant relief.
Skin Care: - It helps in curing different skin related problems which includes psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, inflammation and many others. When the skin problems increase, it gets very painful but this can be treated by using Cade oil frequently.
 Other Medicinal Uses: - This oil is used in curing other health problems like bronchitis, sore throat, dandruff, pneumonia, stress, hair loss and many others. It has gained much popularity due to its innumerable benefits.

  • Reviews

Cade oil for controlling blood pressure
I was suffering from serious blood pressure problems due to which I used to have severe headache and body ache. This problem weakened my stamina power and I was not able to perform my work in an efficient way. I consulted many of my friend and doctors. I used many medicines but nothing gave me much relief. But then I came across Cade oil and ordered it from this site. I must say that this oil is a miraculous one. I use it on regular basis now and my blood pressure stays in control. I would suggest other BP patients also to use this oil.

By Graeme ★★★★★

Cade Oil: An Effective Medication for Skin Treatment
Though I have heard a lot about the skin benefits of Cade Oil, but never gave it a shot. I was suffering from psoriasis but no longer now. It is just because of Cade Oil that I got rid of the problem in a couple of weeks. Now, I always recommend this magical oil to everybody who is suffering from the same or similar kinds of skin problems.
By Daisy★★★★★

It Has Treated Psoriasis Effectively
It had been a long time when I was searching for a natural remedy to treat psoriasis. Then finally I found Cade Oil. I placed an order with Pure Aroma Oils which gave me the finest quality of Cade Oil. This oil assisted me to tackle the problem of psoriasis wonderfully when I used it for skin massage. Now, I don’t have this problem anymore. Thank you Cade Oil!!
By Isabella★★★★★