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Get the Maximum Benefits from Essential Oils by Blending It with Right Base Oil

Most of the essential oils comes in highly concentrated form and can cause adverse effect if applied directly on the human body. Therefore, to get the best result with essential oils, these are required to be blended with the right types of base or carrier oils. These oils are widely used to dilute the absolutes and essential oils before applying on the skin for massage or to be used in aromatherapy treatment. Normally, carrier oil or base oil do not possesses any type of concentrated aroma and they should be as unadulterated and natural as possible before blending with the essential oils. These oils are absolutely harmless to be used with skin, hair or any other way thus widely used for lessening the concentration of essential oils or absolutes.

Soothe Your Senses through Aromatherapy by Blending Essential and Absolute Oils with Carrier Oils

Aromatherapy is widely practiced to deal with the problem of stress, anxiety and many other such problems. But, in order to make the perfect diffusion, the right kind of base oil is required to be blended with the right essential oil. All the carrier oils are not suitable for all essential or absolute oils so it is necessary to know which carrier oil perfectly blends with any particular essential oil to improve its usability. The carrier oils are actually can be any base oil or few of the essential oils which can be mixed with the other highly concentrated essential oils or absolutes according to the nature of the oils. It helps to treat patients in the right way with its benefits without causing any types of undesirable effects on their health.

Base Oils - Perfect for the Massage Therapy

Base oils are also known with the name of carrier and vegetable oils. They carry essential and absolute oils on skin and this is the reason why they are known with the name of carrier oil. To get the best result with the massage therapy without any side effects these are widely used to dilute the essential oils and make it perfect to use directly on skin. Pure Aroma Oils is known for offering the exclusive range of unadulterated base oils that are available at very affordable price. These base oil or carrier oil can easily blend with most of the essential oils making these oils perfectly fine for using directly on skin or hair. So, always dilute the essential oils or absolutes with base oil before using it for massaging, spa or aromatherapy purposes.


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Cashew nut base oils Click here for Details Anacardium Occidentale


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Jasmine base oils Click here for Details Jasminum Gradiflora (synonym officinale)